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At FEMAC, we believe in the power of Special Economic Zones to bring about sustainable economic development. To help zones live up to their full transformative potential, we offer a range of professional services for zones in any stage of development. These include organizational and process structuring, quality control, certification, branding, networking and deal intermediation.

We will tailor our work according to your project’s individual needs. No matter what challenges are involved, we are ready to deploy specialized personnel to make your project a success story.

SEZ Management & Best Practices Model

Is your zone looking for international quality recognition? Does your SEZ need technical and guiding support? Then our management program is right for you.

Our SEZ Management and Best Practices Model provides everything you need to manage and operate your zone, be it public or private. Our model includes ISO certified processes, techniques and best standards for the establishment and operation of customs, infrastructure development, maintenance, logistics, security, warehousing, IT and other services. Responsibilities are assigned to the owners and developers based on each particular case.

We will help you with the implementation and internal auditing of the model. After passing our assessment and quality control, your zone will be certified with a FEMOZA approved Best Practices Certificate and becomes part of their Strategic Partners Community.

Branding and Networking

Is your zone program not attracting as much attention as it deserves? Is investment still not coming, despite a good institutional framework? Our public relations team will fix this by putting your SEZ in the global spotlight.

We can organize a deep and global branding program for your SEZs. No matter if you are a country, a region or a local authority, we are ready to work with all institutional levels. With a total duration of two calendar years, we will develop and implement a comprehensive marketing plan for your zone.

We will connect you with key stakeholders, such as investment promotion agencies, prospective tenants, developers and government officials from other countries. We will establish your online presence on social media and get your zone published on investment and SEZ related websites and magazines. To strengthen your brand further, we are ready to organize international events, conferences and roadshows, placing your zones at the center of the discussions of high-profile crowds.

Legal Structuring

Is your country looking to establish a Special Economic Zone program? Are you a policymaker wanting to modernize existing SEZ legislation, but don’t know how? Our legal team will develop zone laws with the right incentive package to boost your industry.

Our first step is to analyze existing laws and the current economic situation of our clients.  After a deep investigation of existing deterrents to economic growth, we will draft legislation and regulations implementing international standards, based on UNIDO’s strategic framework for next-generation zones and industrial parks. Our team will sit together with regional authorities to better understand local demands, and will then provide you with model SEZ laws that are tailored to your jurisdiction.

Our structuring service covers the establishment or improvement of the entire juridical spectrum. We cover the four major institutional pillars, addressing the Legal, Economic, Administrative and Political aspects of your SEZ regime, ensuring competitiveness in global markets.

Trade Intermediation

Are you looking to buy or sell resources? Or do you maybe need an extra investment for a particular project? Are you in search of a zone to be the supplier of your new business? Our experts in international markets facilitate trade and investment with Special Economic Zones.

We are constantly scanning our networks for opportunities to help you make beneficial deals with other companies, individuals, and institutional partners. Our intermediation work is focused on connecting zones and other organizations, with the goal of turning into reality projects that use the competitive advantages of SEZs to generate profit for both parties and create long-lasting partnerships. Our specialties are in the attraction of foreign direct investment and the commodities sector.

If you’re a zone, we will find someone that wants what you have offer and link you with the best investors for your SEZ. If you’re an investor, we will find a zone that can produce what you need and get you working with them. Our job is to make sure you will strike a deal.

Technical Consultancy

Is your zone needing assistance to fix a specific operational problem? Or maybe you require support to set-up individual organizational processes? Our SEZ consultants can provide your zone with technical assistance to help with whatever you need.

FEMAC is ready to provide technical consultancy to Free & Special Economic Zones on all aspects of their operation, including but not limited to management, security, warehousing, logistics, cleaning, branding, information systems and more. We are also ready to bundle this service with our other offers.

Guided Zone Visits

Did your zone legislation get passed, but your personnel still doesn’t know the best way to implement it? Do you want to improve your zone, but lack the on the ground experience of how the industry works? Our guided zone tours are your opportunity to change that scenario.

FEMAC is ready to take your staff through guided zone tours of successful Free Zones, Free Ports, Industrial Parks and Bonded Warehouses of different countries from around the world. We will show you the entire production, management and support processes of these facilities – and network you with their process owners along the way.

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