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FEMAC is proud to be working on various projects as the official service provider for FEMOZA, the world’s leading Free & Special Economic Zone federation. In this role, we are constantly engaging with the most promising ideas and technologies in this sector. Our projects turn these ideas into reality. From developing software to incubating new ventures, we are always innovating to integrate knowledge and create value for SEZs.

Realizing high-potential new value propositions
In partnership with international organizations
Employing the best techniques on the market
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Completion Date
April,  2020

Software Development

FEMOZA Zone Directory

With the FEMOZA Free & Special Economic Zones Online Directory, you are only one click away from the right strategic location for your project.

The FEMOZA SEZ directory is an online tool aggregating useful information on SEZs in different countries, covering the profile of more than 200 countries and 16 different international economic regions. The information displayed is based on more than 16.000 data reports collected in FEMOZA’s 20 years of activities, and is also regularly updated with data provided by countries and SEZs.

The first main feature of the directory is to provide information about existing SEZ legislation, investment programs and National Zone Authorities. This makes it easy for users to analyze the legal situation and gives them a point of contact with public officials in almost every country in the world. The second main feature is a list of all active SEZs, Industrial Parks, and Techno Parks in the selected country, providing users with an overview of how many zones and what kinds of zones each country has. Lastly, the directory also contains a list of useful addresses of local institutional partners and an investment corner, where countries can pitch their SEZs.

Participation in the directory is free, with zones and countries having special programs available to highlight their image and features.


Providing information on SEZ related legislation and governmental bodies in each country
Providing links to a range of supporting organizations and institutional partners in your country of choice.
Providing the names and types of all active SEZs in each country, including FTZs, industrial- and techno parks.
Providing all the information that investors need to start projects in their country of interest.
The Project Factory
As the only active SEZ incubator, the Project Factory develops new high-potential SEZ projects based on market demands.

Our goal at the Project Factory is to use the acquired knowledge from our activities in the zone market to help create novel value propositions for SEZs. For this program, we select only ideas that are conceptually solid and that particularly benefit from implementation through an SEZ regime.

For every new idea, we cooperate with visionaries to develop innovative business models that explore existing gaps in the zone market. We examine all value-creation possibilities based on current demand and future trends. We conduct market analyses, pitching the business proposition to executives, experts and investors to incorporate feedback. In the end, we put theory into practice by implementing the business model in a partner SEZ.

Project Details



Business Engineering

Main Features

Innovative Ideas
The Project Factory gets a new value proposition, either applying proven concepts to new regions or with an entirely new business case.
Big Markets
The Project Factory selects ideas by their potential to revolutionize large segments by addressing market gaps and future trends.
Strong Partners
The Project Factory develops ideas into business models that will be implemented with a reliable partner SEZ.
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