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Director & CEO

Luigi Mercuri

Active in the field of foreign direct investment (FDI), advocacy, trade promotion, business consulting and internationalization since 2011. Luigi is based between Germany and Italy. His previous positions include bilateral trade promotion, investment attraction, with a particular focus on Hi-Tech innovation and cross-border R&D cooperation. He is also CFO and Head of Investment of Vessel Global, a specialized advisory firm focusing on FDI, market entry and cross-border expansion processes.

Luigi has worked for German and US investment attraction and corporate expansion consultancies, the Italian Agency for Trade and Investment (ITA) in Germany, and the German-Korean Chamber of Commerce in South Korea, during the implementation of the EU-S.Korean Free Trade Agreement.

Luigi has supported government officials and businesses through worldwide trade scouting missions and tailored internationalization services, while also helping regional and national government agencies and SEZs/business parks to identify and attract foreign direct investment (FDI) across multiple industries.

Major former/current clients include: the US state of North Carolina´s Economic Development Partnership (permanent representation in Europe, Israel and Turkey), Special Economic Zones, VC Funds, Family Offices, multiple manufacturing SMEs and tech-driven startups.


Titus Gebel

A lawyer by training and an entrepreneur at heart, Titus Gebel founded several successful companies.

Previously, he formed resources company Deutsche Rohstoff AG (Frankfurt Stock Exchange: DR0), for which he served as President & CEO until he retired in 2015. In that role, he directed oil & gas, base and precious metals exploration and development projects in Europe, Australia and North America. Before, he served as Managing Director of resources company EurAsia Holding AG, and headed a family office that participated in venture capital and private equity activities. More recently, he created TIPOLIS, a company working on the next evolution of SEZs, the Prosperity Zones.

Titus holds a Ph.D. in foreign public law and international law from the University of Heidelberg and an MBA in International Management Consulting from the University for Economy in Ludwigshafen / University of Lincoln, England.

With his extensive worldwide network, he has assembled a world class team of finance, sales, marketing and operations professionals ensuring the highest standards of performance and measurable success for SEZs.


Archibald Astley-Corbett

Archibald has been active in the field of foreign direct investment (FDI), trade promotion, business consulting, and internationalization since 2011. He has been active since 2010 in business development for large companies (Amazon, Bosch, Total) and SMEs across Europe, and has worked in the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France, where he supported expanding businesses in gaining market access. He is currently based between Brussels, London, Berlin, and Prague.

His previous roles in the manufacturing, logistics, and industry sectors represent the backbone of his investment prospection and market entry know-how.

Thanks to his overview of the industrial sector, he understands the infrastructure and logistics needs of manufacturing companies which are necessary for any site selection consultancy.

Furthermore, Archibald has gained experience in organizing roadshows for hi-tech commercial development across Europe and company HQ visits for territorial promotion and investment attraction agencies.

Archibald studied international law at the University of Paris X. He is a native English and French speaker and proficient in German and Czech.

Executive Assistant & COMPANY SECRETARY

John Jacobson

John has lived and worked in Germany, the United States, and the United Kingdom. He comes from an Anglo-German military family. Active in the fields of business consultancy since 2011, John has been active in corporate development for large international companies (Agfa, Haribo, Wirtgen Group). His experience in the industrial branch, as well as manufacturing and infrastructure led him to past cooperation with Vessel Global, which in turn got him increasingly involved in the world of SEZ development. Competitive governance has been a keen sphere of focus for John and he remains to be active in the field, after having also studied Politics, Economics and History at Bonn and Göttingen University. Johns support of government and business officials has given him a solid overview of the perspectives and possibilities of SEZ development and commercial development. Along the way he has also gained a keen understanding for corporate social media management and its importance in today’s world of business PR strategies.

John’s experiences have given him a strong dedication to international relations, security policy and business diplomacy. He is currently based between Munich and Salzburg and operates as an Advisory Board Consultant and Executive Assistant to FEMAC. John’s native languages are German and English.


Andrea Liguori

Architectural and Real Estate Advisor

Andreas Baumgartner

SEZ Strategy and  Positioning Expert

Ekaterina Evdokimova

SEZ Development Advisor

Gilles Teisseyre

Advocacy and Policy Advisor

Nicholas Armour

International Trade and Investment Advisor

Karim Palmieri

Finance and Renewable Energy Advisor

Peter Bresseleers

Digital, Ports and Maritime Advisor

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