About Us


The World’s leading Special Economic Zones services company

We are employing our 30+ years of experience in the SEZ industry to advance your Zone in the market.

FEMAC stands for FEMOZA Management Company, a venture created to assist, support and guide Special Economic Zones throughout the globe. FEMOZA, the world’s leading Free & Special Economic Zone federation, has exclusively mandated FEMAC with this task. Even though SEZ programs are often created with good incentives, many SEZs lack the technical know-how necessary to be competitive in the global stage. Our goal is to provide Zones with this know-how and help them become enterprises aligned with world class standards. Most importantly, we are here to offer this support with the warranty of economic development, social innovation and best practices of management. Our customers are zone developers, governments, and organizations looking to develop their countries’ SEZs.

Our Vision

The main goal of FEMAC is to bridge the existing gap of knowledge in the Free and Special Economic Zones space, which is one of the most important and fastest growing sectors globally, helping to build dynamic zones that foster sustainable economic development.


To move towards a new generation of SEZ‘s, absorbing lessons learned on the design, operations and impact management of zones, responding to the new challenges raised by the sustainable development imperative, digitalization and the new industrial revolution, adapting to the changing patterns of international production, and experimenting with new ideas, including UN Sustainable Development Goals model zones.

  • Encourage best practices
  • Lead implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Further integrate SEZs in the global economy
  • Promote cooperation through Public-Private Partnerships


We have unquestionable EXPERIENCE with Special Economic Zones, having worked more than 30 years in the field. With some of the world’s most advanced and successful SEZ projects under our belt, our team consists exclusively of high-performers who are recognized figures in their areas and known for getting things done.

We have an extensive international NETWORK that will help you and your SEZ achieve all your targeted goals. Our connections with investment promotion agencies, zone authorities, NGOs and industry partners will open new doors and generate unique opportunities and leads for your projects.

We are committed to warrant our clients the TRUST required for conducting good business. Our services are always performed by highly competent and reputable professionals, and our projects follow a strict work-ethic. We zeal for our reputation so that you know that FEMAC is a company you can rely on.

We have CREATIVITY as an integral part of our mentality, valuing the different perspectives of our members. In the century of innovation, the state of the art is not enough. Our company is always examining the newest trends and engaging the most promising ideas to make sure our clients stay ahead of the curve.

Don’t waste your time with amateurs.
Let the experts do the job.


01. SEZ Consultant

  • Consultant for our Management and Branding programs
  • Travel availability for site visits required
  • Business education or related background
  • Remote work in an international company
  • Main responsibility is to provide customer support
  • At least two years of experience with Special Economic Zones
  • 20-40 weekly hours workload
  • Application per email or contact form
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